Question for anyone who watched the Animatrix as a kid, did the second renaissance freak you out?

Specifically where the guy was ripped out of the AMP Suit, all the wounded in the field hospital, the guy that was cut in half and still breathing, the huy laughing after his brain was proded and the individual with his face cut off.
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  • Nope. But I understand how it might have upset people. It's clearly put together to be as shocking as possible without getting higher rating. Hence the amount of imagrey taken from the most violent and uncomfortable events in human history.

    The scream in Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds, when the harvester starts extracting blood from it's captives, used to terrify me as a kid, always turned the volume right down when I knew that bit was comming up. lol.


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  • I feel like I'm too young to watch this.


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