Girls, Why do you become nude for modeling purposes?

Most of the times in nude photography it's only the girls who expose the body. Are the lifestyle magaiznes considering you as their branding tool and they are simply using you as other comodities. Don't you feel shy to bare your body infront of a chunk of crews.


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  • They got another perspective towards that. I personally don't like that, my body is private, exclusive for the love of my life. And i dont feel the need to show it publicly to show im confident and comfortable with my body. I think it's not necessary, just wear whatever you feel comfortable in, dont wear make up, and love your body. No need to expose it like a sculpture. I mean what if we all girls started exposing our nude bodies on facebook, it'd be very disappointing, i wouldn't want my kids to do that. People would start comparing, criticizing, objectifying... would i want that for my kids? no would i want that for anyone? no. Absolutely not. My opinion is not complete, i'd have to think about it more, but as a start, this is my first opinion i make public.


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  • People who go nude, feel comfortable with their bodies being publicly looked at.

    • But, ironically it's only the girls most of the time. If you google 'nude photography' you will see only some naked girls to appear in the suggestions. Why is that? Girls feel more comfortable to go nude than boys?

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    • In fact, playboy, is very tasteful with it's nudes

    • Yeah. All nude pictures are not raunchy. But, most are.

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  • I haven't but if a respectable modeling agency asked to take tasteful photos nude, I would absolutely consider it. And be flattered at the offer.

    • But, why, ma'am?

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    • No, I have a boyfriend for that kind of celebrating. But nice try.

    • Thank you! :D

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