What's Your Astrological Sun Sign Say About You?

What sign are you and do you embrace it? Or does a different sign better fit your personality, and which would that sign be and Why?


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  • Taurus - meh.

    • OK, and what does being a Taurus mean for you

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    • That's excellent. Well in terms of compatibility, certain signs seem to fit better than others, in my opinion, it helps to reduce or minimize the elimination process... I don't necessarily deject any specific sign, I just know in advance, ( from research, study and observation) the types that better suit me specifically... Some are more befitting then others, and I know which suits me best bc of study and analysis of the signs

    • I think all the compatibility is for relationship. Acquaintances - all signs; friends - certain sign; lovers - even less signs.

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  • I'm a Sagittarius but I often find myself feeling more like an air sign. I don't feel the need to actually want to trade my zodiac sign.

    • How do you relate to Air Signs? Fyi, your sign is compatible with Air Signs typically... According to my research, Aquarius and Sags are both lovers of freedom, (an Air sign) Gemini loves intelligent conversation and are talkers as is Sags, (also an Air Sign) and you get along well with Libra, as they can help balance you, ( also an Air Sign)

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    • thanks for mho :)

    • Np😃😄😁

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  • I'm an Aries and I don't believe in astrology anymore.

    • Awwwww, why not @MissNowhere? What detoured your decision for not believing?

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    • Hmmmm, well that's definitely your choice to believe or not. I find it extremely helpful in terms of advanced insight into the inner-workings of the mind, but yea, it's not for everyone

    • Thanks for your comment

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