Anybody else find YouTube less appealing now that we are forced to watch commercials before most videos?

I mean sometimes the commercials are almost as long as the video. I find it really annoying and I don't think I'm going to use the site much more. The most ironic are the forced commercials, before the videos of the good commercials. Anybody else annoyed with the over commercialization here?
  • Yea, I hate commercials, almost as much as telemarketers!
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  • No, I don't mind it
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  • I still use it, but not like I used to
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What Girls Said 2

  • it was better before they started that

  • I don't mind it, but it's definitely reduced my use of the site. I always mute the commercials in my own silent, personal little protest.


What Guys Said 7

  • I didn't mind the ones you could skip after a few seconds (and often watched them anyway), but if a video has one of those longer unscipable ads the video doesn't get watched and I usually go elsewhere.

  • I don't mind it. The ads are what keeps YouTube free to use.

    Would u be open to paying a few dollars a month to use YouTube ad-free?

    • It was free to use before they used ads. They put ads in to make more money, and they popularize the ones you can't skip because advertisers will pay more for it. It could be free without ads, or at least with less intrusive ones, like the ones you can skip, or the mini popups. This is simple greed.

    • It's a business bro. Google is not a charity lol. It is a corporation with stockholders to answer to. It's smart for a business to aim to monetize any commodity they have as much as possible.

      As much as YouTube dominates the streaming video sector , its stupid to NOT monetize it.

      #BusinessMinded #Capitalism #Macro

    • Lol, typical myopia, take fb, total domination of social media. Then comes the "monetezation" even though it was profitable without all the excessive monetization. Now the annoyances of it all coupled with lack of innovation fb is slowly dying.

      I am well aware YouTube is a business, and FYI Netflix dominates the streaming sector.

  • No, I use ADBLOCKER.
    How do people not know this sweet app by now?
    It's on Chrome, and Firefox. If you use IE, MS Edge, or Safari, you are out of luck.

  • Nah i kinda like commericals and ads to some extent

  • Oh how I LOVE seeing 'posts' like these... You wanna know why they do that now?

    here's why;

    1. You know that fav. youtube channel you go to? They spend money to make the content YOU like to watch... the 'Ads' you love to block is how they make their money. No money no videos of Gameplays, Cat Videos, Parodies, Pewds etc.

    2. So what are they forced to do before they go OUT OF BUSINESS meaning you don't get the videos you like to watch? They do the very thing YOU hate.

    3. Whats a measly FK'n 30 seconds to support your fav. youtube channel?


  • I use Firefox llelelelelelelel

  • I use adblocker


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