What are your thoughts on the Chase Utley slide and MLB decision?

If you don't know here's the video:

- Some things to Note:
* Chase Utley never touched second base
* Tejada never touched second base
* The umpire ruled Chase out due to believing Tejada touched base
* Chase leaves the field and Don the manager of the Dodgers challenges
* They go to the replay and change the call since Tejada never touched base
* Chase returns to second base

-Tejada broke his right fibila on that play. Joe Torre who handles the punishments for the MLB gave Chase a two game suspension. So in other words Chase is supposed to not play game 3 and 4. However, Chase chose to appeal so therefore due to the time it takes for the ruling he may actually be able to play.

-The media has debated on whether or not the starting pitcher of the Mets for Game 3 (Matt Harvey) will hit Chase (or another Dodger) with a pitch.


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  • To me it is a deliberate attempt to interfere with the throw to first. I say as long as the slide is established before contact and you are making contact with the base, it is legal. Since his slide is aimed towards Ruben and not second base it is illegal. I do not believe he intended to hurt him, just prevent the double play. Since the slide was not towards second base and the slide did not start before hitting the player and the player was injured the suspension is justified. I have always believed if you take out another player and injure them, your suspension should be for as long as that player is out due to said injury. Therefore Utley should be out until Tejada can play again if I had my way.

    • My problem with the suspension is okay I agree with what you're saying, but then why did they let him stay on second base? If the slide is illegal he should be out. They went back and got him off the bench and said "Get back on second base. You're safe." Then later suspended him. That's not a good look to me.

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    • Later they showed it and Tejada didn't touch base either. Neither of them touched base, but if it's an illegal slide Utley should still be out and by rule the batter should be out too.

      I guess MLB will have to figure it out in the off season like they did with the Buster Posey play.

    • Yeah, interesting to see what they do!

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  • I didn't see it as being malicious he did what hundreds of otgers have done

    • I agree. They even teach that to little leaguers.

    • Yes they do! He couldnt predict the contact.

  • Any interference is unsportsmanlike, and believe it or not, could constitute a RICO charge (attempting to change the outcome of a game for profit). I say suspend him for a year. Do it to all of the players who do that sort of thing. Second offense ban for life.


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