Being a self taught guitarist?

Hey peeps, I have been trying to teach myself guitar as having a tutor really is not an option. I have started by learning the basic chords but now I am stuck. Can anyone help me with what I should do next? I have wanted to learn since I can remember and now im 17 so this is annoying that I can't progress. Thanks! XD


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  • I have a quick fix for yah. It's kind of cheating when it comes to learning how to play, but it REALLY helps beginners, and you should consider it, too.

    So when you tune your guitar, you know that you tune the 3rd string to the 4th fret, when you tune all of the other strings to the 5th?

    Yeah. Fuck that. Tune all of them to the 5th fret. This kind of tuning has it play similar to a piano, and allows you to play ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, and where you're playing only changes the pitch.

    This takes away your ability to do some of the chords, but it magnifies the fluidity of playing the guitar.


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  • You can KINDA be self-taught but it's probably a good idea to get yourself one or two lessons from a PROFESSIONALLY trained musician down the line sooner rather than later before one or two of them bad habits take roots and you have to start from scratch.


    our resident musician and renaissance man who subsist on top ramen , if the gods so as decide to smile upon you , he might be able to offer you divine guidance.

  • Go on ultamateguitar. com

    Learn tablsisha then learn any song you want ahah

    I'm a self taught guitarist:)

  • go on with Barre chords, untill you know the whole fret board. then you can start looking into pentatonics.


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