Who was your favorite Rugrats baby?

Who was your favorite Rugrats baby?
My favorites were Susie and Phil/Lil.
  • Tommy
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  • Chuckie
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  • Phil/Lil
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  • Susie
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  • Angelica
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  • Dyl
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  • Kiki
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Tough choice!

    Chuggie ad hids adenoids was fuddy to lidsen to. Especially the way he'd say 'I du do, Tobby"

    Angelica's machinations always amused me.

    Phil and little were just gross, but I loved the way they called each other by their full names when they were mad.

    Kiki showed up too late.

    Dyl can FUCK OFF. Seriously. Fuck Dyl. He was to the babies what a baby was to the adults, and when he arrived it stopped being about their imaginary adventures and more about keeping his stupid punk ass out of trouble.

    • Lmao DON'T talk about Dyl like that!

      And I loved the banter between the twins. "I had it first, Phillip!" "No, I had it first, Lillian!"

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    • *Lil, not 'little'

    • Lmao they were so gross

Most Helpful Girl

  • I loved me some Tommy and Kimmy was so adorable. Susie was cool. I couldnt help but pity Chucky. Angelica still sucks! Phil and little always made me lose my appetite. Awww and my Dyl Pickle!! I still have that doll of him sittin on my shelf lol


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What Guys Said 5

  • Chuckie was the best; he had the most foresight and thought through all of Tommy's crazy plans beforehand. Too bad no one heeded his advice. He was just trying to be a good kid.

  • man that's tough. they were all so awesome, even the faux evil angelica

    I'd probably say phil and little with the runner-up being tommy. but chuckie was the man

    • They were all so cute

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    • Cynthia was the dolls name and I remember that episode!

    • Cynthia... dang it was on the tip of my tongue

  • Nostalgia Overload!

    Tommy! Cartoons these days suck!

  • Angelica lol she made the show more exciting

  • Why Susie? Because she's black? What you tryna say? Don't like the white kids? Lol.

    I picked Tommy, but Riptar was the star of the show to me.


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