Make me a list, guys and gals, people of all ages! What kind of music do you like?

I wanna know what type of music you like for the following activities:

Going to bed.

Working out.

Having sex.

Chilling out.

Trying to cool off from being pissed off.


Also need an example of said music, a band name preferably though an artist will work, too.

I'll start this off:

Going to bed: New Wave Techno -- E. S. Posthumous
Working out: Metalcore -- Asking Alexandria
Having sex: Techno -- Blue Stone
Chilling out: J-pop -- Yuki Kajiura
Trying to cool off from being pissed off: Heavy/Nu Metal -- Slipknot


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  • Going to bed: Metal Core -- Of Mice And Men -- "Second and Sebring." Bullet for My Valentine -- "Hand of Blood"

    Working out: Punk rock/Metal Core: Motorhead-- Ace of Spades, Rise Against-- Surive. Bullet For My Valentine -- "Her Voice Resides"

    Having sex: Wouldn't know-- hasn't happened yet haha. Umm I guess light punk stuff like The Offspring. So "The Kids Aren't Alright"

    Chilling Out: Guilty Pleasure Bands like Goo Goo Dolls... "Iris" or "Name." Also Third Eye Blind-- "Semi Charmed Life"

    Trying to cool off from being pissed off: Slipknot is a good choice. Metalcore: Bullet for My Valentine-- "Waking The Demon"

    I basically listen to metal core any time because I like the genre so much. Anytime is a good time for Metal core haha.


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  • Going to bed: video game background music (it's soothing)

    Other than that I listen to pretty much anything no matter what time of day it is or what I'm doing.

  • Bed: Chillstep. (Really any Odesza song)

    Workout: Trap or Hip Hop (No Heroes (Instant Party! vs. Party Thieves Remix)

    Sex: I'm a virgin 😆 but I think I would listen to older blues and R&B songs with Muddy Waters, Etta James, Sam Cooke, Billie Holiday etc. I cud be wrong (Misty Blue by Etta James)

    Chilling out: Older Latin Music from Latin America and the Caribbean (Tu me niegas-La Lupe)

    Trying to cool off: Not really a genre but any song that's super dramatic like (Next Hype by Tempz)


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