Does anyone know this song?

Please help me. There's a song I keep losing track of over the years and I need to know if anyone knows it. I can't remember the lyrics as of right now but she's singing about a breakup and during the video she goes through the five stages of grief. I found it before but I can't seem to remember anything. Can anyone please help me?


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  • lol u don't even remember the chorus? is she white or black?

    • It's been years :(

      She's white with brown hair. In the video i remember her saying something about buying a black dress. Then by the end she's walking outside in the sun smiling during the acceptance phase.

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    • i just googled "music video 5 stages of grief" and it led me to it. take care :D

    • I kept putting song instead of music video. Thank you so much omg i wish nothing but the absolute best for you in this world.

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