How do you think about this logo?

I made this logo a few months ago after Coreldraw lesson. Let me know what you think.
how do you think about this logo?

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I need your comment to finish a homework from my lecturer. I need to make a poster and a leaflet.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's good, but the writing needs to be improved. Logos need to be easily identifiable and easily read from a distance. With both the small thin font and colour changes, it makes it too difficult to read. Otherwise it looks good :)

    • thank you very much... gotta make it thicker. But should I colour it pink or white, or anything?

    • I personally would go for white as it stands out the most against the brown and the light pink :)

      And thanks for MHO!

    • You're welcome.

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What Guys Said 9

  • Great job for a beginner!

    Let me tell you some constructive things:

    If it's for any kind of food product, it's got to be appetizing. So nothing grey or greyish. All those circles in the cupcake read as dark reddish grey. Try to brighten everything up a good bit.

    Font is almost illegible. :) I know you know this. No text on the food. No repeated text. Clear, fun and easy to read.

    Capitalize like it's a title. :) Very important.

    Nice job.

    • should I make it colorful? Something like, mixing contrast color like red, brown, pink, with green, purple, indigo, and blue? And also, should I change the font style?
      P. S:The targets are kids and teenager, so I am trying to make it interesting for them.

    • I would only make it "colorful" if the end result is appetizing. Blue especially tends not to be a very appetizing color at first glance, and green would be quite odd for a bake shop. :) Think of the colors of baked goods and you'll have a logical palette.

      I would change the font to something more unusual, if you can find something that works here.

      For kids and teens I would consider making it more cartoon-y. What you've made looks like its catering to adults. :)

  • Basically what @kelly173815 said. The writing is really hard to read. I would suggest increasing the size of the font and making it the same color. i also have a feeling that if you change the background to white the logo will look more simplistic and the cup cake will stand out more. Aslo if the background is white you can make the font hot pink and really make it stand out.

    • I second the white background idea! The whole thing will look cleaner and sharper :) I would also like to take the time to compliment that cherry - that is a damn fine cherry!

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    • I'll fix it now. Thank you for your opinion.
      So, white background, bigger font, and hot pink font color?
      What about the font style?

    • I think the style is spot on

  • I like it. the font is a little difficult to read because it blends with the background colors (things i picked up in college advertising courses) but other than that I like it

  • I agree with the previous comments about the readability of the text, etc.
    The other big issue for me, is that it's just a cupcake - there's nothing to tie in with the "princess" part of the name. Replacing the cherry with a tiara would be one obvious possibility.

    • But one of the problem is I don't know how to make a tiara. But I'd try my best to make it.

  • Black border white inside is easy to read against any background, just an idea. The background takes away from the simplicity which is very nice in the logo, the brown and the gradient. Princess Princess Not sure if you mean it to sound like that, maybe you only need one of those?

    • Putri (Put-ree) means Princess (that's my name). Also, I love disney princesses so I choose to name it Princess.

  • It's alright, but you've got to change the text font.

  • I voted D) because the text is hard to read on some parts of it. Not enough contrast.

  • Absolutely horrible

  • That's pretty gay OP


What Girls Said 6

  • for practicality, you need a simple logo that can be turned to just black & white if needed. the logo needs to be recognizable at a small scale (think 1-2 inches) if it needs to be scaled down (like on packaging). also, the fewer colors used the better... maybe just have white, pink, and brown.

    I would have a white background (take out the brown) because your logo needs to stand alone and will be placed on various backgrounds.

    I don't think you need Princess written on the actual cupcake since it is in the name. Also, the text is too small in relation to the cupcake. Is Princess the name of the company and then "bakery & cafe" a sort of descriptor? I would make Princess larger than the other text

    I would try for shape based

    or line based

    • Those logos are wonderful... They got me an idea. Thanks for your advice. :-)

    • no problem! there are a lot of great examples out there to look at for inspiration (google image search, behance, pinterest, etc).

  • Text and name is very hard to read.
    Background is the color of a turd to be honest, not appetizing... Here's an ice: how about taking red and white as color schemes? And limit the brown to just the chocolate part?

  • it's good but for design's sake, the pink font against the brown background might need to be changed to something lighter just so it's easier to read from a distance.

    • I've remake it, and post it tomorrow. I don't know why but I tried to post it today and the website keep forbidding me. I've changed the background color to white, and change the font's size and color.
      I read the comments and then looked carefully at the picture, and I agree with what people say about it.

    • excellent. good on you. i respect u being able to take tips on ur own design. i know that can be hard when you've put work into it. I'm sure it'll turn out great =]

  • The cupcake looks sick and the writing looks like it has a rash :c

  • Is the word Princess really necessary on the cupcake? I don't think it needs it but everything else is nice

  • It's fine...


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