Okay, name all movie cliches you can think of, okay?

Fucking GAG always wanting a question mark at the end

Okay, so watched Jack Reaper and wham... movie cliche, Jack Reaper clearly has a gun to the villian's head, he could kill him... easily, but no, he throws down the gun, and they fist fight... happens in EVERY fucking movie now and it pisses me off, how about something like this...

Protagonist: "It's almost toward the end of this movie, let's both throw down our guns and fist fight"

Villian: "Sure, let me throw down this rocket launcher I can clearly use to blow you up and let's fight because the director and script writer have no creativity whatsoever. You also have way more muscles than me because you're secretly on steroids in real life, but this scene will extend for 10 minutes where I kick your ass till the very last minute, but suddenly you will gain super human strength and defeat me with some extremely clever move like finding a way to electrocute me with a fork, live wire, wall outlet and hair dryer that just so happens to be laying around a parking lot."

Protagonist: (pretends to throw down gun but doesn't, and instead, shots villian in head) "Sorry... fuck you and this movie cliche that doesn't die... bitch..."

Last 10 minutes of movie is a sex scene with heroine and hero instead of the typical kiss and aerial zoom shot fade to black.


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  • Americans are bullies... Blondes are beautiful and dumb... Black people die first... Latinas speak Spanglish...
    I don't know XD

  • Looks good but man you have a lot of time on your hands­čś│

    • Not really, I have my own business and I have a job plus I'm going to school, plus don't make insulting assumptions about people and then put a smiley face at the end like you're all that

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  • But, that fight scene was pretty badass.


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