Are you sensitive about Comedy?

By that I mean what kind of Comedy ticks you off and why? I've winced a few times at certain jokes but am open to all forms of Comedy.
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Does the timing matter? As an example the day of the Aurora, Co Movie Theater Shooting a Comic tweeted "Other than that, How was the Movie?"


Most Helpful Girl

  • If it's all in good fun (like generalizations) then I'm usually okay.
    It's the flat-out targeting one individual "comedy" that I don't appreciate


Most Helpful Guy

  • nope. if it's funny then it's funny, fuck timing. gilbert gottfried and george carlin and other great comedians never worried about offending their fans or detractors. if they don't get the joke and the context it's in, then fuck 'em.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I can't stand cringe comedy. Like actors pretending to be retarded and or doing embarrassing stuff for example.
    I get second hand embarrassment very easily...

  • I hate comedy about mental illness. Like people making jokes about self harm. It's just not funny and it's distasteful.

  • I cringe at roasting when it involves me. I never have a comeback and when I do, it's usually terrible. Not cringing at the jokes, i'll just be scared because I never know what to say.

    Another thing I cringe at is if the comedian ignorantly believes in negative stereotypes of other people. It's okay if you know it's not true and you're making fun of the stereotypes themselves, but when you sincerely believe in them it's a different story. Like a real racist telling a racist joke and thinking it's true.

    And uh... timing doesn't matter to me unless I'm a victim or know a victim affected by the event you joke about. I know that's bad but it's true. I have no emotional ties to the joke so I'll most likely laugh it off.


What Guys Said 2

  • Not at all, I laugh if it's funny. I don't like those kind of people who have a list of topics you can't joke about. It's a joke, everything can be made a joke of.

  • it just has to be funny. i don't care about the content.


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