Poets, can you help me?

So a close friend of mine is coming back after being away for several weeks. I paint and draw things for people all the time. I once drew her this chrysanthenum she keeps on the wall of her office. I've made a nicer, painted version for her as a welcome present.

On the back, next to my signature, I want to put something like "A petal for every moment I missed you each day."

But im feeling like this can be put more poetically, so give me some suggestions!


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  • For every moment I missed you each day,
    A petal, A petal I put on display

    • I do like this one!

    • I am a songwriter and such re-framing of thoughts and phrases comes naturally to me. Glad you liked it. LOL I hereby present a Quitclaim deed to the above phrase, Signed, Anonymous!

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  • Each dawning moment
    A passing of a petal
    Missed you into the night

    Maybe not the easiest to follow, but could always say if you have to think on it, maybe it sticks better and thus could mean more :)

  • So you'd like a poem or would you just like to reword that statement? Because that looks good, short and sweet and I think it is poetic enough in itself.

    • Oh, well, if you think thats good as is I appreciate your thoughts!

  • There indeed are those eyes in which flame cuts through twilight; those subtle and terrible lamps that I recognize by their frightening malice! They draw, they subjugate, they devour the gaze of he who is imprudent enough to contemplate them. I have often studied them, those black stars that command both curiosity and admiration.
    To what benevolent demon do I owe being thus surrounded by mystery, silence, peace, and perfumes? Oh Beatitude! That which we generally name life, even in its happiest expanses, has nothing in common with this supreme life which I now know and which I savor minute by minute, second by second!

    • lol, too much.

    • If I had a flower for every time I thought of you... I could walk through my garden forever.
      -Alfred Lord Tennyson

    • Aw that was great but too late!

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