Favorite season of American Horror Story?

If you ever watched American Horor story what is your favorite season. My personal favorites it the 2 3 and 4th season... I hated the first season.


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  • I wasn't into AHS the first season. Never saw a single episode and from what I heard, I didn't miss much, but I've seen every season since. Freak Show absolutely was my favorite so far. It reminded me so much of HBO's Carnivale and my undying love for that show. Freakshow just kept you on edge and who can forget that first episode which reaffirmed for me at least that I am NOT desensitized to tv violence b/c I was covering some eyes for sure! Coven was pretty good; a nice fresh modern take on witchcraft that I don't think had really been done in that capacity before. Asylum started off being interesting, but sort of went off the rails near the end, and I have a lot of hope for Hotel (I'm already a Gaga fan, so pretty much it can do no wrong).


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