What is this back to the future about?

I'm young and I have no idea what this is 😂
why is it on Twitter and Instagram?

tell me pls?

Thank you 😀


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  • Back to the Future is a film from the 1980s. In the film, they make a time machine and they go to the future. The date they go to is the 21st October 2015. So today.

    Everyone is going on about it as a bit of a joke that they way they represented the future in the film, aka today, is how we should all look.

    • Thank you

      I felt lost that is why I had to ask this and everyone here are nice and I was sure somebody was going to answer 😂

    • Thanks for MH!
      No it's reasonable given you're born in the 00's.
      I have older brothers who used to watch it but it was a popular film when I was young so it's a little different. It's not a bad film but I think if you watched it you'd wonder what the hype was all about. There's a lot of films from that era that are a little crap compared to modern films but bare in mind everything was done with paint and sets, there was no computer stuff.

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  • I don't use twitter and im barely on IG but im assuming its about the movie. im probably wrong.

  • It's just an old movie that's finally like 30 years old or something. People were just looking back at the movie to see how many things it predicted right about the year 2015.


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