What do you think of Sesame Street introducing a new muppet with autism to their program?


esame Street is introducing a new character to their show, a character that does "things differently than other kids". They hope to help familiarize and understand why children with autism might be different but are still playful, imaginative and creative like any other child. Do you think this will help kids learn more about autistic children?


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  • It is good, that way children will already have some exposure to children with autism before meeting a person like that in real life.


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  • I like the idea. It can't hurt to have someone with autism as one of the main characters. I think it will teach children more about the condition and, hopefully, that these kids are as wonderful as everyone else. They have their differences just as everyone does, too.

    • Thanks for responding, I saw this on the news and was kind of surprised because autism is just not portrayed in children TV shows that much. I thought this was very cool since I grew up watching the show as well! 👻

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    • That is true!

    • Thanks for MHO! :)

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  • If done well, could be a positive thing.

    Sesame street has a pretty good track record, so I'm optimistic it will be done reasonably well.


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  • You'd have to ask autistic children wjat they think of it, if the puppet potrays them correctly. All l know is that it needs to be accurate for people to learn, so they are the only one's who can truly dictate if it will help other children learn. I forgot to mention qualified autism researchers are great sources as well.


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