What do Non-Americans think is weird about Americans?

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  • Your gun laws and mindset surrounding it, your shitty diet and overweightness. And how self absorbed you are and how you think being American makes you "better" than everyone else...

    Apart from that I love you guyssssss


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  • Ooohhhh don't get me started here!
    - you guys seem so extremely dramatic about EVERYTHING. From marriage to political opinions to sexuality. Chill the fuck down sometimes.
    - how you guys seem to think that everyone wants to live in America because it's so awesome and you've got so much freedom. No, not really. I've got so many places I'd rather live in.
    - pledge to the flag at schools. Never understood it.
    - how incredibly inefficient your school system is. I've heard that we're already on level first year college in America (maybe even higher) in Highschool. You guys have to go to school till your 18th and your level isn't even high. What the fuck do you guys do at school?
    - that how well you're educated, depends on which school you go to.
    - highschool sports can get you a scholarship. Because sporting is much more important than learning in school.
    - how preserved you guys are if it's about going fully nude, yet still dress in skimpy clothing. Go big or go home
    - the word douchebag. I think it's just a weird word since douche means shower in my language.
    - the whole 'black people culture'
    - how important chivalry is for you guys. In my country people expect from girls to just pay for themselves, opening the door for a girl is not that normal and you shouldn't try to carry her bag. I think a lot of girls would be weirded out.

    Maybe some things I said are not right. Correct me on that but don't be too rude.

    • Damn. πŸ˜‚

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    • Sure we let you open the door for us. But we don't expect it so we might act a little surprised. For normal doors we just hold them open for everyone. Not just girls.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with all of this except for the douchebag thing; even as a Dutch speaker that is part of my English vocabulary, I don't find it weird anymore.

  • I was married to a man out in Egypt and when I lived Out there with him and his family for awhile, they would laugh at me and joke with me as well, for wearing Sox on my feet, instead of running barefoot at times, @ConsultantIsBack
    Good luck. xx

  • They have an odd fascination with guns. They all want to have guns at all times. To not have guns suddenly makes them incredibly vulnerable. I'm much more nervous about random eejits having guns than I am about not being able to "defend myself" in times of great stress.

    • Dude i know. I have friends that have like arsenals of weapons in their garage. Literally, like numerous rifles, assault rifles, handguns, shotguns.. It's insane. Some people I'm pretty sure have wet dreams about forming militias and overthrowing the government.

    • Honestly, I think that's what it's all about for people. In Canada, if you shoot someone who was breaking into your house, you would be the one arrested (discharge of a deadly weapon) because it's supposed to be difficult to get to your weapons (and they're only supposed to be for hunting).

  • That they believe they run the world.
    That's all I can think of right now..

    • Eh, we technically do... As we have earned that title through our sacrfices for the world...

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    • @schnipdip your logic isn't checking out bruh

    • No it does. Frankly I'm not a history nut, my dad is. Every book he owns is on some war, mostly WW1 and 2. The technology that arose from the last WW2 probably still wouldn't exist today if not for that war.

      Just be glad you aren't living under a fascist ruler ^.^ you're welcome.

  • How focused they are on their own country, and how they supersize everything.

    • "Supersize it bitch" - Franco

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    • that usually happens when you are isolationists for 80% of your existence.

    • *nods*. Trust me, people are like that here even with eachother. There's an American culture and then there's the individual cultures throughout the country whether it be ethnic, north/south/east/west, country or city life. a lot of cultural ignorance lol. No surprise they would be the same with other countries.

  • when my parents first came to the US, they thought eating salad was kinda strange

  • The food, specially in the breakfast.

  • nothing at all. you guys are so fun!

  • The fact that pre med and pre law is a thing. What do you even learn if you can't work anywhere with a degree that doesn't really focus on anything?

    • Well, law allows for any major. Med school does not, they require coursework in biology, chemistry, etc. But yes we are much less structured academically.

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  • Measuring system. I've been in America for 2 years and I still don't know gallons, ounces... xD
    Food portions. Sooo big xD I ask for a small drink and they give this huge cup... it's crazy!!
    Obsession with cheese.
    Obsession with pickles.
    Obsession with coffee.
    Overly sensitive towards nudity and anything sexual.

    There are other things but these are the ones that most shocked me when I got here.
    But I love American and Americans, so it's all good, guys :P

  • This whole racial stuff you've got going on etc.

    You people need to relax and just accept that people come from all different backgrounds and not get your little jimmies rustled over pointless stuff like skin pigmentation and learn to see the bigger picture and that's the constant revelations from Wikileaks about your government and other agencies.

    • Dude totally agree. And I wish I could say "rustle my jimmies" i just get strange looks when I say it

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    • @NearlyNapping I agree. I live off the west coast and when meeting people from the south I've asked about their view of racism there out of curiosity. The country is huge with a lot of perspectives.

    • "plus we have the notoriety for lots of other countries to notice us"

      This is a big thing also. People around the world are focused on the US, so it makes it stand out more.

  • Overall ignorance
    All the racial bullshit
    The obsession with guns

    Those 3 are by far the worst. Shame too because the US is probably the best country in my opinion based on their scientific advancement, economy, opportunities, etc, and it has the potential for so much more if people would just stop being retards.

  • Hmm...

    That apparently, in New York i have to give a tip when i buy a hotdog... is this true?
    Your politicians, they mostly seem weirdos
    That you donΒ΄t give healthy food on public schools
    That atheism seems a bad thing

    But there's a lot of stuff i admire offcourse.

    • We are culturally coerced to tip all the time. BC their employer refused to pay workers. It's so messed up.

  • college sports
    living at college
    non public transportation/cheap gas
    being nice and/or talking to strangers
    compliments, oddly enough

    that's pretty much the main ones i hear from non American things besides the obvious stuff.

    • I've heard couple of those before. Yes we are passionate about college sports since the country is so large, we side with localized sports teams too.

      Ya I talk to strangers. I talked to these two French guys once. I'll never forget the look on their face lol.

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    • So basically a big yellow school bus full of college kids drinking their brains out with red solo cups before a college football game would just completely freak you out? Lmao

    • i call that a Saturday :).

  • I know a lot of guys in the UK get pissed when we call gas stations "gas stations" instead of petrol stations. They have a point. We're pouring a liquid not a gas into our cars...

    • Well gas is just a short way of saying "gasoline".

      Since I'm the lazy type, I support America on the "gas" part. Ain't nobody got time to be saying "gasoline" every single time they need to fuel up. :)

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    • @rjroy3 there's so many differences. I'm typing on my cell phone right now, or my mobile as UK would say.

    • Yea, I can't get used to some of the ones you guys have. It took me forever to get what a "bellend" was... head of a penis xD

  • Everything in America is big lol but that's not really weird I s'ppose. Oh and the portrayal of school life (particularly high school) on the media. If that's true then that's weird

  • I can't understand why you people get divorced so much, if you wanna get divorce ultimately why get married at all lol
    Also America seems very unfair against it's black population

    • Agree on the divorce, and black. Yes, we still struggle with racial profiling with cops and racism in some groups that refuse to progress.

    • and also the obsession with oil, interfering in the middle east while they have no business in interfering in internal matters of the state, and trying to dominate the world, but I don't think that it's the general population which wants these things instead it is the political class

    • Ya, hopeful we stop voting for Republicans do that won't be a problem going forward.

  • Aggressive, patriotic, somewhat violent dog eat dog society. Capitalism at its best

    InEquality between rich and poor is the largest in America

    • Yes, our income inequality is so bad it really hinders the effectiveness of Capitalism because the consumers are limited to the the upper classes.

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    • Dude. You're are so dead on, so true, I agree 110%.

    • Road trips across the states are the best part. You can keep driving and its just state after state

      Cheers bud

  • How you seem to love guns more than you love your children.

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