What do you think of the new Dragon Ball Super? (after 18 years, new episodes)?

I like it but I actually dislike the whole God idea, I think it will become quite redundant and self defeating. It's going to get crazy where apparently they're already at the level of being so powerful that they rip wormholes in the universe just by fighting that it will end up just killing itself off eventually.

What's your opinion on the New Saiyan form with blue hair "Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan"
What do you think of the new Dragon Ball Super? (after 18 years, new episodes)?

Also what do you think of the CRAPPY animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlrcxeQau1E


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  • The name of the "super saiyan god super saiyan" has been changed to "super saiyan blue", just so you know. I've been enjoying the series, especially the most recent episodes, and I can only see it getting better as more original content comes out that isn't simply re-telling the plot lines from the movies.
    As for the low quality animation... to a degree it should be expected from the studio, they often have a sub-par release which they fix and improve upon for the DVD release- it's mostly so they can get the show out on time and on budget.

    • They actually made a number of changes to the series that were different from the movie. I really hope they make changes to the frieza plot. I love frieza but i hate how he was brought back just to be killed straight away

    • I'm aware of the changes made, I just don't think they were significant enough to warrant retreading old ground. I was really disappointed that the Ginyu force weren't brought back with Frieza, I would've loved to see them fight again, hopefully if they do bring Frieza back for the series then they'll come along too.

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  • They already made the mistake of making Dragon Ball GT this might somehow be more ridiculous.

    • Akira Toriyama (the writer behind dragon ball and dragon ball z) had no involvement with Dragon ball Gt.

      He has However came back for Dragon Ball Super.

      Dragon Ball GT was produced exclusively by funimation designed by them.

      Although not as good as dragon ball z... i don't htink that made it crap. I actually enjoyed it, even if it isn't canon

    • I enjoyed gt too but the story was just so stupid.

    • Oh and the video was just so sad to watch

  • The episodes of super that are new material are great, but in my opinion the retelling of BoG was inferior to the film. I think the animation and pacing on the film were better than the series. For example, "That's my Bulma" had so much more impact in the film when you could actually see Beerus hit her and the camera didn't hang on Vegeta for five seconds while he made unnatural guttural noises. It did regain some points for showing the actual Galick Gun position though. But then last week's Mr. Satan episode and the 2 at the start which just established things and spent some time with the characters were excellent.

    • I think the difference is the movies and the series are very different

      The movie offers compacted fast pace pacing.

      The series offers story, character development and build up.

      I like the character development

  • Goku's transformation was awful.
    I like DB Super so far but not more than the classic first series.
    And Beerus is getting boring as well.

  • I don't really like the blue hair, also they need a shorter name


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