Am I the only one who feels a bit hurt as a fan of an artist sometimes?

Some artists are so down-to-earth. And they are everything you hoped for and beyond. You see them grow in their carreer... You supported them. Yet you're just a person on the other side of the planet, she doesn't know me.
Wish I grew up in the same place and got the chance to meet that person as a friend, in person


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  • Yeah I feel like that too sometimes but what can you do. They are one person with too many fans, too many people to meet.

    • It is unfair. it's a weird reason to be sad. I'm feeling sad for their growing success, unable to celebrate with them in person.
      'happy sadness' :p

    • Lol, yeah.

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  • Yes for sure i also do somtimes with a book lol the carecters start young and you see them grow up through a series and it feels like your there and you want i meet them until you stop reading and reality comes and your sad. This happend with my fav book called septimus heap. Anyone heare read septimus heap


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