My boyfriends dream of being a "rapper"?

He's been writing music and raping now for about five years. He's actually really good. I listen to his music more than anything. HOWEVER, he has never once been faced with an opportunity like he just got offered. There is a studio owner who lives about an hour away and he somehow found my boyfriends music and reached out. He wants to give him the chance to rap in front of a few people at the studio to see if he would be a good placement on their team.
I'm skeptical, to say the least. Reasons being is because A) None of his music is posted online and very minimal people have his music on their phones. So it would of had to been a friend of his that showed this guy his music but he never came out and said how he found it. B) This same studio got shot up about a month ago and two individuals from this "crew" were killed. Which is probably why they are looking for more artists. It is said that one of the members had been the one to shoot these two people but given lack of evidence he was never charged. My boyfriend would be around this man all the time... And C) It seems way too good to be true. They are telling us that he would only have to pay a very low priced portion of a studio fee monthly to be apart of this crew. Which, honestly, that seems fishy as it is. Considering we have looked up studio fees in all of our surrounding areas and there was nothing lower than $135 an hour. He would only be paying $95 a month for this studio time... Like I said, seems to good to be true..

I don't want to be the one to tell my boyfriend that this seems like a scam. But I truly feel like he will get fucked over and have his music stolen OR something will go terribly wrong and he will become a victim to this studios horrible murderous past (this last shooting wasn't the first). He is super excited. Thinks he might finally have a chance to pursue these dreams of his. And I've gone along with it because I haven't seen him this excited since we had our daughter 3 years ago.
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  • Let's just cut the bullshit, he's never going to be a rapper.


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