Does it seem like less women go to clubs than they used to?

I've been out of the nightclub scene for 8 years due to college and a marriage that went south, so after our divorce I started going out to nightclubs again starting back in April, specifically Rap oriented clubs in and around Atlanta to get back into the swing of things socially and get back into dating again, but there's a MAJOR problem- To my eye, there seems to be far less women in the clubs than there used to be back when I went.

Back in 2008-2009, the clubs, I'm talking Rap clubs in general, were overflowing with girls of all types and they were THIRSTY, especially for a guy like me (Black), but now... forget about it. The few women around have guys swarming them anymore. The numbers are even more abysmal if I only took white women to account, those used to be the most abundant back in the day but now they seem to avoid the clubs like the plague.

Is it just me noticing this? Or is it just the clubs in the urban south? Should I move and try places like LA? The clubs I've been going to are out and out sausagefests, they used to not be that way.


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  • No i think more women go to these kind of places


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