Does anyone play runescape? It is online game I used to play years ago and recently started replaying. Just curious?

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  • Haha well to me it's still one of the best games and most memorable ones of my life, shame Jagex got greedy and implemented all those changes in like 08... I stopped playing then but before that I had so many countless days spent on that game. Shame they had to ruin it.

    • It is very very different now days. I had some good times as well. Well at least they now have clan wars which are fun but players do have it easier then before.

Most Helpful Girl

    i used to 'play' in like the 9th grade. but i didn't do crap. i basically had it because my friends did, and we'd go around in groups playing jokes on random people 😂

    also, u know how there's a tutorial? yeah i got past that and never got past level 4. :P

    • Lol that is so funny I got to level 80

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    • tehe thank yoou :D

    • No problem I had fun reading your comments. It made me laugh

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What Guys Said 3

  • I logged on a couple of times in the summer to see what it was like but I couldn't get into it :/

    They did add a new feature where you can purchase membership with in game currency but it's expensive, like 9 mill.

    • Oh yeah they are calling them bonds. Some of the players are selling them. I think it is 10 million.

    • how much do you have?

  • Lol I tried getting back into the old school runescape that they've made f2p but I just can't play with a tiny screen haha

    • Is it 100% f2p or do they still require a membership for the good stuff?

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    • Depends there's a big difference between the ftp old school and the new version the new version they lock you out of cool features they have like full screen, play zones, crafting etc. the f2p old school version is completely free but outdated plus the free servers is probably filled with more trolls, bots etc

    • That's funny

  • This is probably my most memorable game in my life lol. I don't play anymore, because it's very time consuming. Put I've played weeks probably in this game over the course of about 10 years. I've always loved it and I will probably end up playing it again at some point! XD


What Girls Said 2

  • I played it when I was in middle school. To be honest, I tried replaying it a few years later, but they changed it so much I just didn't like it. There was a charm to the simplistic, point-and-click nature of the game that they seem to have stamped out a lot. I just hope the holiday events are still fun and the circus is still traveling around.

    • I have just restarted playing a few weeks ago but I know the Halloween event is coming up so I hope it is still fun. It is definitely different but I find it fun however players have it easier then when I originally played. They created a new game called Darkscape which is supposed to be challenging.

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    • I haven't played it yet but I know a few who have. One said that it is like the wilderness where you can be attacked in any of the cities. You should check online to find out more.

    • 😱 All my hard-earned stuff! Nooooooo!

  • I stopped when I was 12.


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