Is it just me or did the walking dead get much more brutal (Dw, no spoilers)?

Just watched the 1st episode of the new season and damn..
That dude got his face bit (meh, normal for walking dead), but then he started screaming and blood got onto his bare. fucking. eye. and there was blood everywhere. That is a good actor if he can just scream and act like he's dying a horrible and painful death while fake blood got onto his bare eye. He didn't say "cut" or anything, he used the pain of liquid on his eye to his advantage.
Fair to say, that's the first scene of the walking dead that has scarred me.
Fuck, man. That was so fucked up. Like, just imagine that was real. I'd be having nightmares.

The Walking Dead just grew some balls.
  • Yeah, it got a lot more fucked, dude.
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  • Nah, man it was just like any other episode to me
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  • I stopped watching it because they were basically using the same plot over and over again, just with slight changes and different characters. The plot is basically always: on the way to find a shelter. New characters are introduced. Group finds the perfect shelter. Everything is safe and quiet for a while. Conflicts arise. Character (s) die. Zombie horde takes over. Survivors barely get away, super intense gore scenes, rinse and repeat.
    As for the blood on the eye (without seeing the actual scene myself) it sounds like something that was done in after effects, with a computer. Most of the really gory stuff tends to be reserved for the after effects, it would be unnecessary to splatter fake blood on an actor's eye, what with the chances of infections and such.

    • Thank you for this. I stopped because I was afraid of repeated plot. I'm ditching it.

    • Nah, that was too real looking to be effects.
      If it was special effects then damn, that is good.
      You're right about the recycled plots though.

    • Actually from what I know about animating, it's not too difficult to make liquid (like blood) look real. Most of the time, the blood splatter you see nowadays is all fake. Like when someone gets shot. The only time it's real is when someone spits it up or if it's just on a regular wound. But to put it in someone's eye is excessive and I think it's something they'd rather do in post-production.

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What Girls Said 3

  • It's always been kind of brutal honestly. They also have no problems killing kids in that show. Carol's daughter, those two little girls, Carl shot that other kid/teenager.

    I'm excited for Negan though, apparently he did/does some really brutal things to Rick's group.

  • I stopped wathing because I thought it was boring, maybe I'll come back to it one day.

  • Yeah, it got a lot more fucked, dude.


What Guys Said 2

  • yes and it's so much better for it. if you think the first ep was brutal the second will blow you away, and it had no rick or zombies for that matter.

  • if you thought the first episode was gruesome... just wait until you see the next one :o


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