Name a good TV show and a food that goes with it?

There are some things that go very badly together, like the walking dead and hamburgers, but for some reason Doctor Who goes very well with sushi, and I have noticed supernatural goes well with ice cream


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  • These are the shows I watch and the foods I typically eat with them while I watch them.

    Finding Carter goes well with yogurt or boba tea. Empire goes well with chips (preferably hot or salty chips) and a kit-kat. Awkward goes well with either ice cream or spicy chili. Modern Family and burritos are awesome. Orange is the New Black goes well with a cheese burger or Italian beef sandwich. Lastly, Basketball Wives: L. A. goes well with pizza/pizza rolls and buffalo wings.


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  • The Walking Dead and human flesh :D


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  • Gossip girl and chocolates<3


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