TWD Who even liked Andrea?

Ok I really don't like her mainly because she did really dumb things, was partially ignorant to people and just was a real b*tch. Yeah sometimes she helped them out but I thought she never really fitted in with them and actually should've stayed died with the governer from the very start.
Should've put a poll on this one. Polls are Awesome


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  • I agree she was really stupid. Honestly if the zombie apocalypse happened then Darwinism seems like the best concept to life by. Meaning the stupid should be left behind


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  • she was still hot though

    • True that. She was real hot but she was a b*tch I find hat really weird. Like such a cliche

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    • oh lol... yea. well they got the idea from real life anyway before it went on the show...

    • Definitely

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