Why are all the guys at my school begging me to do track?

It's not like I've ever ran track or I'm some really fast running. Why do they want me to do it so bad? They keep saying please please please do track I'll come to all of your meets I'll support you etc. Ummm why? I'm confused


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  • I am assuming that you are attractive and they want to watch you run.

    • Lol. What would be so exciting about them watching me run?

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    • Well, I have a nice was and I'm only 5'3 and a quarter so I'm assuming it's not my legs or breast.

    • Probably your butt then, unless you have an overly sexy run... But I am not even sure what that would look like.

  • Maybe they want to see your butt in shorts, lol

    • Maybe. They did mention volleyball too... And there always telling me I'm so got and have a nice was etc

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    • I was going to do track this year untill I had to transfer schools again. Now I'm not so sure anymore

    • It's still good for you to do

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