What is the darkest anime series you ever watched?

For me it is Higurashi No Nakukoro Ni/When They Cry:
What is the darkest anime series you ever watched?


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  • Jigoku Shojuo (Hell Girl)! :D

    And School Days! It's like a slice of life meets horror. Not spooky or gory, but these people make such horrible decisions it actually turns scary.

    Ghost Hound was a good SoL/psych thriller. Very cerebral.

    Then there's the old go-to's like death note, devil man (the 90s movie, there's an old ass, unrelated series by the same name), and high school of the dead.

    All every good choices!

    • I think the best thing about school days is the violent shift in tone. Like the Holocaust movie "Life is Beautiful" which is like "oh, lovely romantic comedy... NOPE! EVERYTHING TURNS BLACK AND WHITE AND YOUR FUNNY PEOPLE GET GAS CHAMBERED!"

      But in this case it's like "oh, lovely slice of life anime... NOPE! SHAKESPEAREAN TRAGEDY! FUCK YOU!"

      Pretty cool stuff lol :p

    • Let's be honest. The best thing about School Days was those two idiots died in the end. I spent the entire anime just thinking "These assholes need to die." In the end, they did. It was the best thing that could have happened, but didn't make up for what I had to endure to get there.

    • @Leaflar i absolutely loved it lol. It was an entertaining 12 episodes. I didn't want the girl to die. She was a very tragic character.

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  • Elfen lied


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