Who likes this song?

Its amazing right?


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  • I feel like I've seen this video before when I first started on GAG some months ago. There was a person asking for subscribers or something and I saw this video. At the very least, I saw one very close to it.

    I can see you were going for a humorous approach. The only issue with it is that it lacks finesse. It is missing the sort of professional feel and I feel it is trying too hard for humor.
    The videos that became popular with bad singing, like Friday by Rebecca Black, had the professional skill backing them (professional camera work, higher audio quality mics), lots of luck, and they weren't AWFUL, only pretty bad. For humorous appeal, you never want to go awful, just bad. (*insert Tropic Thunder reference here* Never go full awful.)
    Things tend to do well when they blur the line of professional masterpiece and awful music. You need a redeeming quality to your video!

    It is great that you are keeping up with your youtube channel though (assuming this is even you?), I bet that if you worked on it you could get more views and traction.

  • no this song sucks.

    • i would put money down betting thats you on video. by the way intentionally singing horribly is not funny, its only desperate for attention

    • Sorry your jealous of my singing

  • It's a silent one


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