Has anybody checked out the new trailer for Quantic Dreams new game Detroit: Become Human?

I'm a huge fan of games created by Quantic Dreams because they always have a very deep and enriching cinematic experience. It feels like you're playing through an interactive book and this game looks like it will be no different. Anyway what do you guys think of the trailer? Are you as psyched as I am?

It makes me realize that video games are truly becoming more of an artform. It's a good time to be alive!


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  • Holy shit this looks amazing. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'm especially interested since Detroit is only a 2 hour max drive away ;p

    • Right? I like the whole idea of Detroit returning to glory. Also the concept of AI and how humanity would react to it is freaking awesome.

      I'm glad someone answered this question too. I thought there were more gamers on here lol

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    • I'm not sure about a release date yet.. I think sony just released the trailer today. I honestly can't wait because I loved Heavy Rain and they made that lol

    • Never personally played Heavy Rain, but have watched others play it. So yeah, pretty excited!

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  • This looks great. I love the graphics, the lead's voice, and the idea.


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