Girls, is my girlfriend insecure?

my girlfriend is Chinese, and often hates it when I watch shows that poke fun at Chinese people, like American Dad and family guy. she hated a joke that was made in American Dad towards Asians. wtf is with her? I know Asian girls and guys who like American Dad. she's even forbidding me from watching these shows, and I don't see a reason to do so. I'm Indian, and don't mind the jokes they make at my culture.

is she Right or insecure?
this is at her house, as she has Netflix and I don't.

and I have a female friend who has Netflix, who enjoys watching them with me


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  • If something is making someone uncomfortable, you can't tell them that they're wrong. She finds it offensive. I don't agree with her forbidding you from watching something that you enjoy, but she's free to not watch them herself.

    • I don't make her Watch them. I just want to enjoy these shows, as I feel it's harmless comedy

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    • I do not have Netflix, so I rely on my girlfriend and my female friend to watch with them. I have to watch it at their houses

    • I don't think it's cheating to watch TV with a friend. If that's the case, then I have cheated on every single one of my partners because of varying tastes.

      Your girlfriend can control watch is watched on her Netflix account (and definitely at her house) - that's totally fair. I don't think it's wrong for you to watch the show at a friend's house (but you can also ask someone for the password and watch it on your laptop or whatever).

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  • Some people just dont stand this fun it depends ^^

  • Those are really gross and offensive shows, I don't blame her for hating them at all.


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