What do you think of the final 'Star Wars' trailer?

I really like how much they feature my favorite character in it. I hope he has a huge part.


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  • I just hope it makes sense and doesn't have plot holes in it.

    • I know, right?
      JJ's been droppin' the ball on that, just a tad.
      Hope the word has made it through the layers & layers of his 'posse's.
      We're smarter than we've been treated.
      Phreaking outrageous effects still don't quite fill the vacancy in exiting the theater feeling like a more diminished intelligence was the target demographic.
      MTFBWY cool'

    • Lol that is so true and you make good points. True special effects doesn't cover up the story line or plot. Fans will know the difference especially the hardcore fans. I seen all of the star war films even played most of the video games. So im hoping for the best for this film with fingers crossed that it at least makes sense.

  • You've seen one Airstream... you've seen em' all!
    When will they go back to Holiday Ramblers?
    They're distinctive and well built! They hold-up well to those infantile temper tantrums. You know? By certain spoiled-baby stars that just didn't have a good scene-shoot today... whah, whah!
    Christ. Gimme a break.
    Anyway, you know how light weight the 'streams are. Charlie could trash one before they got Miley off the hitch of the tow vehicle... to take it away!
    Thing is... it'd still need to be Lubed before hitching-up!
    How can she possibly be that dry? Ewwww. Yeast! Never mind.

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