How do some girls attract singers at concerts?

I heard a singer recently got engaged to a fan of his whom he met at one his concerts. And lots of others hook up with the girls they see at concerts/hotels etc. How does this happen?


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  • TBH if you are a famous singer, and had only a few prospects, but then all of a sudden when your band was getting attention you started to get more attention from the ladies, would you take advantage? I personally don't blame some of the singers from hooking up with fans.

    I mean the fans are putting themselves out there. It's not seedy, it is what it is. If they are willing to hook up, then it is what it is.

    Perhaps it happens when they meet them on a meet and greet, or maybe the girls were standing out there waiting long before the show and he went to meet them because that's what people who love their fans do.


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  • i have no idea!!! i feel like it would be a combination of chemistry and backstage passes

  • I once got stalked by a Premier League football player...


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