Which Paranormal Activity film is the best?

If you've seen more than one of them, could you possibly rank the ones you've seen in order from best to last? I plan on getting some, seeing as it's getting closer to Halloween but I'm not sure if I should get all of them, a few or just one.
(I know there was another one out this year. If anyone has seen it, was it any good? I don't really have high hopes, seeing as these sorts of things tend to get worse as they go along)

Thanks :)


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  • none of them THEY'RE TOO SCARY!! 😱😱


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  • I know this is old, I don't care Im answering.. I'll range them from alright at top to fuck-this-shit at the bottom:

    PN 2 (The one about Kristi)
    PN 3 (The one about Kristi and Katie)
    PN 1 (The one about Katie)
    PN 4 (The one about Hunter)
    PN 5 The marked ones (The ones about some dude)

    Haven't seen the last one, Ghost dimension, yet - heard it's pretty bad though.


What Guys Said 2

  • I liked the first two the most, from there it just went downhill. Think liked the second one the most, then first yes and then worse with each sequel.

  • Sorry... didn't like any of them.

    • That's fine. I've seen the first one and I enjoyed it, and I wanted to know if the others are worth getting along with it :)

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