Astrology... Is there something to it?

If you have an interest in Astrological Signs or just wanna know more, feel free to join the discussion, if you're apprehensive or on the fence about it, no worries, this isn't a debate just an open discussion if you wish...


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  • I don't agree in the daily fortune telling but the characteristics of each sign is compelling. I'm Scorpio

    • Oh, Hi there Scorpio

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    • Np, I'll have some info tomorrow, gotta run the report, analyze your chart and should have some details for ya

    • Thank you very much

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  • I don't follow horoscopes, but I think birth charts are really interesting.

    • Yes... Locating your perceptual doorway, and its engagement with other planets.

      Look to the house position to see where your vision is centered and what kinds of activities draw your gaze.

    • My Ascendant (Rising Sign) is Cancer, but there are no planets in there. Does that mean my first house is empty?

    • Could be a first house cusp, I'd have to see it to analyze the chart

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  • I don't believe so.
    It takes common personality traits and adds them to a sign.
    I bet anyone can relate to most of the other signs they weren't born into

    • The beginnings of Astrology are intertwined with the history of human culture itself. It's wise to be consciously aware of our own nature, while remembering that some things are beyond our control. (The Greeks popularized horoscopes, and their theories are still the foundation of chart interpretation)

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  • Nope, it's all a load of pseudo-scientific bullshit.

    • Astrology is a tool for self-understanding. Not only does it help us get to know ourselves, it also gives us amazing insight into others.

      Astrology is a symbiotic language... Each symbol offers volumes of info. (Hidden in the Sun sign is a detailed explanation of a persons likes and dislikes, personality traits, occupational leanings, over all attitude and natural talents.

    • yeah, exactly, it's full of shit.

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