What are the Tools for realistic drawing? Can anyone help me?

For portraits like these...

What are the Tools for realistic drawing? Can anyone help me?

What are the Tools for realistic drawing? Can anyone help me?

What are the Tools for realistic drawing? Can anyone help me?

i looked over the web to find Tools but can't seem to get an idia of it. If There is anyone who is experienced please give me some tips on this. Thank you.


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  • There is loads of tools. Putty rubbers, paper stubbs, colour pencils and graphite, you need to experience different textures before attempting this level of art, because you will need to learn the stages and what tool does what and also learn what tool is best for what due to the effect a tool can have for a desired result, so before buying a load of tools, get used to how you create certain effects, and then you will slowly add to your mechanics and get closer to producing something similar to the art you showed, x

    • Well im pretty experienced in art already but new to 'realistic drawings'... your option was very helpful...

    • And what kind of paper and other thing are used?

    • I personally like cartridge paper, I can get a lot of effects with a paint brush and paper stub. I still use thatching tech but always blend it in to create a more to real effect. If your at the stage of attempting these pieces, then you have a lot more experience than me as I draw portraits but their not to that standard by a mile, x

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  • Lots and lots. Depends on the medium you're looking to do it in. Prismacolors are pretty much the standard for good colored pencil drawings, the pic on the top is small but it looks like that's what that it.

    For black and white drawings you can find a lot of different graphite and charcoal tools. Mixed media using some pencils as well as a little paint on top of it, depending on the paper you're using works really well and looks nice.

    There's really a ton you can do and it depends on what your preferences are. Is there a certain style or medium you're looking into doing?

    • I wanted to to realistic color pencil portaits like 3D types You know

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    • Yeah definitely prismacolor pencils are great for that! If you're looking to do the portraits in pencil type drawing then go for the nice colored pencils.
      There are also some pastels that are good. I really like doing realistic in oil paints, not sure if paints interest you, but you can make things look crazy good in oils because they're so blendable. It's my all time fave.

    • Well i own faber castle penciles and yea oils are amazing i pretty Much tried everything paints There are

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