Which is your favorite? Any constructive criticism?

I took a bunch of photos today and I'm proud of them. Be honest, which are good, bad, what do I need to improve on? Personally the second is my favorite. Remember, I am an amateur with an OK camera, all my photos are taken the way they are on purpose.
1. This is Peanut again.
Which is your favorite? Any constructive criticism?
Which is your favorite? Any constructive criticism?

Which is your favorite? Any constructive criticism?

Which is your favorite? Any constructive criticism?

5. Her name is Kit.
Which is your favorite? Any constructive criticism?

  • 1- Peanut is my favorite.
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  • 2- The Sunset cemetary is my favorite.
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  • 3- The sun and mountains is my favorite.
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  • 4- The sunset, tree and building is my favorite.
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  • 5- Kit is my favorite.
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  • Can't choose, they're all good.
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  • can't choose, they're all shit.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • first, I have to say that I think that some of the images are too small. I know that reducing the size makes the image quality look better which is nice if you use a shitty cam, but if you go too small they'll lose their magic (I don't know how to describe it in English, but I think you know what I mean). that's especially the case with landscape pictures. it's important to find a good compromise of size and picture quality. most people use a FullHD screen, I think they should have least 50% of that size.

    to the pictures: I think the cat pictures are better because of the good lighting and the subject. 2, 3 and 4 don't look bad, I can see what you wanted to do but the cam and the small image size just take away the "wow"-effect you need with that type of nature picture. like most smartphone cams, they are much better with close up shots and good lighting.

    so if I choose between 1 and 5 it will be 1 because in 5 the shadow is distracting. but I think that again your distance is off. get closer and take the picture in 16:9 landscape. you get the same effect with the cat and background, you get a light depth of field effect which makes it look better and you can see the cat better and more details on her, which make the picture more interesting.
    and last but not least, try playing a little bit with the colours and contrast later in an image editing program. it doesn't has to be photoshop, something like GIMP gets it done too. like duplicate the layer and use the soft light filter to blend. set the top layer to 20-25% and it should look a little bit more pleasing to most people ;)

    hope that helps a bit. I know I always sound a little bit negative but I'm quite picky lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • Number one and five I really like but than again I am a cat lover 😄
    I like how you captured them being normal and doing their own thing. The picture with Kit is really nice because you can how the picture is blurry where the grass is and starts to clear up around Kit.


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  • I would start with getting a camera that lets you manually change the Shutter speed and Aperture (assuming yours doesn't have that).

    2nd, use a tripod as often as possible.

    Untouched, I agree #2 has the most appeal. Some cropping and messing with the colors and shadows would make #2 and #4 very good photos. I'm pretty biased with those type of photos though.

    The problem I have with #1 and #5 is the uncertainty of the subject, or what my eyes should be drawn too. The manual settings would help greatly with those 2. Taking the background and foreground out of focus more would draw me right to the cat.

    The eyes in #5 are mesmerizing. I would have got as close as I could with Kit's head on the right top corner. The leaf was a good idea to create distance, but I feel Kit posed perfectly for you and the leaf takes away from that. All you need to see is the head of Kit as the eyes look right at you. Getting that close should blur the background enough to draw you right to the eyes.

    #1 has an interesting fore, middle, and background. But sometimes having that many interesting subjects takes away from the appeal.

    #3 is kind of hard to critique. It looks cool as an idea, but doesn't fully pack a punch as is. The lens flare on the left tree is what I like the best. Cropping the bottom right before that and taking a little off the top. Bring out those colors of the flare. Maybe make the photo black and white except for the flare. It's a photo you could have a lot of fun experimenting with. The more I look at it, the more I want to do all kinds of crazy things.

    In conclusion:
    1) Manual settings and try the same shot with different settings
    2) Tripod
    3) Take from every angle you can think of, especially to get different angles as the light hits the subject
    4) Sometimes it's good to create distance between subject and background

    You appear to have a good eye for photography. I hope you keep it up. Sorry I wrote so much or if it sounded rude or confusing. Hope I was helpful. If you have any questions, let me know.

    • no thank you so much, we're kinda broke so we can't afford a better camera or any photography stuff right now but this is very helpful, thank you :)

    • Gimp is free software for photo editing. It's kind of like photoshop. It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.


      Pixlr is an online photo editing site. I'm sure there's lots more though.


      Hope you get a chance to continue your photography. If you ever have questions, I can try my best to help. Good luck.

    • Thanks for the upvote as well.

  • It's interesting how you've cropped these. I think you could achieve greater impact with different cropping, especially on 1 and 4, which are my favorites. In both I'd make basically a 16:9 image, focusing on Peanut in the first, then on that tree and horizon in the fourth.

    Very cool.

  • You need to study lighting settings on your camera. The landscapes are nice, but there's insufficient contrast. But the cat at the top looks good because the light is bright. The top picture is better than the bottom because the bottom has a distracting shadow.

    That said, consider taking photography in high school or even a photography class at night school somewhere. Also if you are good at math, take physics because that will help you understand light and lenses more.

    • Well as I can't go to high school anymore, when i was in it, i was going to take a photography class but now i can't.
      The lighting is out of my control and i have a shit camera.

    • Why are you not in high school anymore?

      Lighting is not out of your control. Even phone cameras have settings that you can adjust.
      For example, take a look at this picture of Devil's Tower at night. A normal camera setting would fail here, but this camera had a nighttime setting with a large aperture (*) to let in lots of light and the shutter was open for a bit. (This particular camera may have been mounted so it moved with the sky, but I doubt it.)

      When it is bright out, your pupils will become small to block out from having too much light. When dark, your pupils dilate to admit more light so you can see better. Well, the aperture of a camera is like the pupil in your eye. Look for a brightness setting on it.

      Try taking that cemetery picture again, but do so at sunrise; I bet it will look wonderful.

      What state do you live in BTW?

    • yea but i was in a moving car, im not gonna fuck with the settings when the battery is shit and it would result in me missing the time to take the photo.

      I'm no longer in school cause of my personal situation.

      and Pennsylvania

  • I think they are good - I like Sunset On A Cemetery - You could push the whole imagery of sunset - End of day - End of a cycle - End of life - Graveyard - Resting Place

  • Sunsets are the best. If 4 was a painting I'd hang that on my wall.

  • Obviously, NONE are bad, only criticism I could think of is wait till it's darker to take 2.

    Peanut, you're a stud. So are you, Kit!

    So hard to choose between 1, 3, 4 and 5!

    Aw fuck it I choose 4!

  • I can't say which is best because they're all of different mediums. They're all good but could be better.
    2 is my favorite.

    With 4, I'd say to show more sky, like if you see the picture below.

    Generally speaking, take multiple photos of the same thing, mess around and experiment with your camera settings and try to take pictures from weird angles ( trial and error ).
    Also use the rule of thirds, aperture etc.
    And make sure your pictures are equally balanced

    Hope this helps!

    • I know and I try but the sunset ones were taken when I was in a car, my step dad wouldn't slow down. I took like 20 of the same thing if i could, just kept the best ones.

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    • lol thank you very much and thanks, i have xD but this is just amateur wannabe shit, just a silly dream :P

    • Language young lady lol

      I'm the same, its a great hobby! Now that everyone has a camera on their phone its more difficult to stand out. But if you try to its possible.

      And if you want to be, then be!

  • I like the first cuz it draws the eye to the off-center subject through the position of the other stuff

  • I think the fifth is the best one. The shadow of Kit looks very good. The one with the cemetery looks nice too.

  • #5
    That cat is fucking adorable.

  • Number 4 is my personal favorite

  • 1 or 4 are my favs. Nice job though :)

  • Peanut <3...

  • I like peanut and kitkat.

  • I like the sun set at the cemetery

  • No boobs. Thumbs down

    • Well as I am a 16 year old that would be considered child pornography and this is not a site meant to see boobs, this is a site for questions.

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