What do you think of fame today?

I really wanted to become famous and make a lot of money but I have heard from you tube and meny other places that, being famous isn’t all its cracked up to be anymore. I mean you have to make yourself do some pretty stupid things, to stay relevant or people will stop watching you. I even heared that most people in the celebrity world are evil or doing things to themselves that are not very good, besides drug abuse, they put demons or something in themselves to perform better or whatever they are thinking that its going to do. Do you agree that fame isn’t all its cracked up to be or do you still want to try and become famous? I am afrade now to try for the voice or American Idol or anything like that.
I also heard you have to join something, you really should never join because its evil. I am a christain and sometimes those do not mix with being famous.


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  • I'm not rich or famous (yet) but like you, I've read a lot of books and listened to a lot of interviews, watched a lot of videos, and it seems pretty clear that while there is a lot of upside to being a famous personality / figure, there's a TON of downside that comes with it as well.

    Going from a "nobody" to being known all over the country / world and having anything you want might sound like fun, but I'm sure the novelty of it dies down pretty quick and starts to be a pain in the ass.

    Look no further than Michael Jackson for a great example (one on the highest level). The dude wanted so badly to experience what it was like to be a 'regular person' that he rented out a grocery store and hired a bunch of people to basically be actors so that he could push a shopping cart up and down the aisles and do what normal people are able to do.

    When you look at someone you're seeing them from the outside... They might be wearing the best clothes, driving the most expensive cars, live in the nicest house in the best zip code, and have fans go crazy and are in love with them, but you can't know what that persons life is like behind closed doors, and from their perspective. On paper it may look like they have everything a person could ask for, but they might be completely miserable, empty, and sad. Imagine all the people around you treat you like a king or queen, but you have no way of knowing if they give a damn about you the PERSON or if they're just their for the money or to be in the limelight with you. As far as the drugs, imagine your "friends" know you have a problem but because you're famous and they want to stay on your good side, they keep supplying you with the drugs that are killing you rather than trying to get you help?

    Really, Michael Jackson is a great example of this type of situation, too.

    Wanting to be famous for the right reasons isn't a bad thing though... If you have a gift for music and you want the whole world to hear it, don't give up on your dream because of the potential downsides of fame. If anything, now's the time to go for it, because you can learn from the mistakes of others and be better prepared to avoid the traps that can lead to such unhappy, empty inner feelings. Study the mistakes that other people have made and keep your feet planted in reality, you can be famous and not go off the deep end.

    • I want to go on those shows, but I do not want to join anything evil because they will offer me something, to be even more famous and I have to sign in blood, which is not good.

    • Haha I don't think it's QUITE like that. You don't have to sign a deal with the devil to be successful. And FWIW you might want to consider working at your singing career in more ways than just the TV shows where you "get famous overnight", I think instant fame and success is where a lot of those problems can happen, since you haven't had to bust your ass for years to build up your career.

    • ohh well… I could do that.

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  • The problem with a lot of famous people today is they're not actually famous for anything noteworthy and they are talentless because the standards are so low. So they lack substance to their character and people who lack substance can't handle a lot of money, they become nouveau riche and spunk it up the wall on bullshit.


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  • I would never want to be famous. The money would be great but that's it.

    I don't like that everyone is scrutinizing every little thing famous people do, and trying to dig up anything they can about their past. It just seems really intrusive, all the shit they have to put up with. Not to mention all the interviews, not being able to go anywhere without people pestering you and paparazzi shoving cameras in your face.

    • Yes that what I am worried about also, I don’t know how I would handle that.

    • Ikr it would suck. I honestly could not handle it. I would rather be a regular person! :p

  • all you have to do is not give in to the devil that's all, all you need to do is work heard and practice enough and not let other famous people or money influence to to do bad or to go against your beliefs

  • Celebrity culture is really toxic because we put people on pedestals and then take this morbid pleasure in tearing them down again, watching them fail. It's unhealthy. And a distraction from capitalism, because there's this myth we buy into that any one of us could just get rich and famous, so we just accept the oppression that's happening and just keep buying celebrity endorsed consumer goods :(


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