Do you think it's sketchy that 'Star Citizen' doesn't have THAT MUCH to show for $94+million?

Let's put it this way... it is the 7th most expensive game ever and it is guaranteed to hit 4th... it may even get as high as 2nd which is at $137 million for Destiny. Only GTA V was more pricey at $200 million... so if they get to be #2 there is absolutely no excuse...


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  • I'm a backer and I'm not sure what to think about it. What they've shown us so far is pretty impressive, I hope they'll get to a finished product soon.


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  • They rewrote the damn thing like 3 times now from scratch, because they realized on the go that there were architectural issues that required a complete rewrite of basic things.

    But I do admit, I wouldn't be happy if I were a backer.

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    • Too little too late

    • Why>>>

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  • Sorry for a late comment, But i think they have done a lot with the game so far! the graphics are amazing, the amount of detail the put in the game is crazy. Its also made in cry engine which is hard to use and very expensive. if you had an idea what there trying to achieve its amazing its never been done to this scale! theirs lots of the game they haven't shown yet so don't worry, we haven't had a good space sim since Free-Space 2 so i'm pretty exited for this. Hope to see you there


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