Why do some people think a samurai has even a chance in hell of defeating a cowboy in combat?

Seriously, Cowboys have shotguns, revolvers, lever-action rifles.
Samurai have swords and a bow.
My brother for example believes a samurai would win.
A Cowboy would just shoot a samurai.


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  • I think if a samurai got close enough, maybe. I'm talking within arms reach. If the cowboy is really good at the quick draw, he'd win hands down. I've seen a modern day cowboy perform a quick draw and fired off two shots so fast that it sounded like one.

  • Some samurais did wield guns--matchlock kachi. Plenty used repeating rifles during the Boshin War (1866-1867), and many of Sago Takamori's rebels also employed cannons and enfield rifles in their battles during the Satsuma Rebellion/Southwestern War (1877).

    I think a samurai, therefore, would win, as they were better trained with firearms than your average cowboy.

    • Yeah but at the same time commodore perry curb stomped the samurai and a matchlock would be outdated by the time of this fight

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    • But the Samurai were trained by those very same veterans, and they were trained with repeating rifles, to boot.

    • Again training is one thing, but Cowboys actually saw combat in the civil war

  • Couldn't agree more, while fighting is cool anyone can kill anyone these days regardless of skill because of guns. Back in the day when counries raided war it actually took more skill.


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