Favorite songs to listen to when you're sad inside?

1. Breaking Benjamin-Rain

2. Trapt- These walls

3. Pink Floyd-Comfortable numb

4. Breaking Benjamin-Give me a sign

5. Shinedown-What a shame

6. Sam Smith-Stay with me

7. Metallica-Fade to black

8. Megadeth-Trust

9. Papa Roach-Lifeline

10. The Killers-All these things that i have done

11. Breaking Benjamin-Failure or Angel Fails (cant decide)

12. Trapt-Whose going home with you tonight

13. Breaking Benjamin-Firefly

14. Every other damn BB song ever made

15. Tupac-Things never change (For when the ghetto ass life gets too hard!)

there's a lot more, but i'd be typing forever.


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  • Kelly Clarkson -because of you
    Michael buble-lost
    Linkin Park- in the end/numb
    Ed sheeran (a few songs)
    Green day -boulevard of broken dreams/ 21 guns
    Asking alexandria-moving on
    The script-flares
    Some taylor swift
    Adam lambert -whataya want from me (and other songs)
    Adele - someone like you, chasing pavements, turning tables, hello
    Eminem-beautiful, beautiful pain, space bound

    And there are more but those come to my mind right now

    I tend to listen to sad songs, to maybe cry and get over it.

    As for happy songs there are many, in general that have a fun beat :D


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  • Impressive selection. I like the diversity.

    As for me, I have a "reset song" that I think of whenever I'm really down, or have another undesirable song in my head, or the inner voice is negative, etc. It's "The Kiss" by the Cure, especially the lead guitar line:


    Kicks ass played live too.

    • Mad world is one i forgot, i listen to that all the time.

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    • You have to be a rocker to pull off a look like that.

      Those were the days, man.

    • Yeah, its pretty amazing how different it is now.

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  • Bravo for those trapt songs sir! Trapt is my fave band!

    So any trapt song helps me lol.

    BB of course!
    Lots of kpop-taeyang, se7en, jay park.

    And... sometimes some T swift. I know, I know 😖.

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  • Nin: Somewhat Damaged, The Wretched, Hurt, Last, Something I Can Never Have.

    Radiohead: There, There, No Surprises, Let Down, How to Disappear Completely, All I Need, Street Spirit.

    Devotchka: How it Ends.

    Korn: Wake Up Hate, Divine

    And more...

    • I was one of the biggest Korn kids ever when shoots and ladders came out, i had never heard anything like it at the time.

      My aunt heard it real loud one day,, and thought a demon from hell got loose lol

  • Future - Jealous
    Jimi hendrix - Hey Joe
    Danzig - Mother
    Megadeth - Wake up dead
    Biggie Smalls - Party and Bullshit
    Kid Cuddi - Day n Nite (crookers remix)
    Led Zeppelin - Since I've been loving You
    Santana - Soul Sacrifice
    Metallica - No Remorse
    Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker
    The Flat Duo jets - Crazy Hazy Kisses
    Elvis Presly - Trouble
    Johnny Cash - Thirteen (Danzig cover)
    Dj Kalid - Taking over
    Dead Sara - Weather Man
    Jack White -

  • Hypocrisy - All Turns Black


  • Cut my wrists and slice my throat. Jk
    I don't get sad... only fags get sad.. I feel down I take a shot of wispy n do a line of coke

  • My number one is "Source Decay" by The Mountain Goats


    There's also:
    In Corolla
    Maybe, Sprout Wings
    Fault Lines
    So Desperate
    Tianchi Lake
    Brandy Let's Go
    See America Right
    Song For Lonely Giants
    Hardpan Song
    Color In Your Cheeks
    1 Samuel 15:23
    Psalms 40:2
    Hebrews 11:40
    Age of Kings
    Prowl Great Cain
    Satanic Messiah

    and finally, the greatest song ever:
    Wizard Buys a Hat

    (All of these are by The Mountain Goats.)

  • Any metal song. I am rarely sad though.

  • OP you listed Megadeth :3. I listen to In Flames, a lot of their songs have melodic dark undertones that really helped me when I sunk into depression. I still feel down sometimes, and they are always there.


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