Did these death scenes from the movie, Bambi ever traumatized you and gave you nightmares as a kid?

I remember when I first watched these death scenes (Bambi's mother's death and the Pheasant's death), that shit gave me nightmares for days as a child. I remember that most of my nightmares are about me losing my mom from a random sniper the same way Bambi lost his mother from "Man"(the hunter or poacher). I remember I'd end up crying waking up during those nightmares and then my mom would come to my room to ask if I'm okay.

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  • Not Bambi, I never watched it because I heard about the death scene. But the death scene in Lion King to this day makes me really upset. I remember we were watching it in 6th grade, so way after it originally came out, and I started crying in the middle of it. Thank god it was dark lmao.


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