What are 10 interesting/random facts about you?

Let's see...

1. I have 7 sisters (2 are deceased).
2. I've been to Disney World 4 times.
3. I've only ever been in physical fights with males.
4. I went to an all girls high school.
5. I hate shopping.
6. I desperately want to go stargazing.
7. Breakfast food is my favorite.
8. I have a fear of dogs.
9. I've graduated 5 times but never in a cap and gown.
10. I randomly think about cutting at least once a day.


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  • • My first kiss was with my girl cousin in a jacuzzi.
    • I have 11 cats at the moment.
    • I live in two places, in a big city and in a small town.
    • I have bdellophobia - fear of leeches.
    • I love animals way more than people.
    • I'm addicted to potato chips.
    • I fantasize about having a dog more than anything else.
    • I just changed schools 2 days ago.
    • I believe that dragons are real.
    • I've been a vegerarian for more or less 10 years.

  • I have 1 brother (29)
    I'm my dad's only child
    I used to be 187 lbs
    I think I'm adopted
    I've never met some of my dad's brothers
    I am 5'0
    I judge people without trying to
    I can figure out almost any life scenario
    I'm the tallest female in my family
    My parents are 48 and 49

  • 1. I'm the only child.
    2. I've never been to the US of A, nor Europe - that's somewhere I wanna go to badly.
    3. I'm a cancer survivor, leukemia specifically.
    4. I hate driving, which is why I rarely drive.
    5. I've always wanted to cut my side fringe to bangs, but too afraid to get it.
    6. I fear the deep water.. and clowns. Both are childhood fear.
    7. I have broken too many bones (or twist my wrist/ankle) throughout the course of learning ballet/rhythmic gymnastics.
    8. I've always travelled and actually never stayed in a country for more than a period of 3.5 years.
    9. I hate talking about my family stuffs to anyone unless I'm close/comfortable with that person.
    10. I'm way too complicated, that sometimes I don't even know who I actually am.

    • Freakin clowns and drowning man.

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    • @mskay You initially striked me as some-one with life experience but that's a surprise that you're a survivor from cancer.

    • @MysteriousFlower I was diagnosed with leukemia at 8, it's under complete remission now, so I'm all good.

  • lol i would say but anonymous posts aren't allowed :( lol but here goes anyway
    1) when i was born my parents thought i was blind because my eyes were grey, they have since changed colour.
    2) I had to go identify a relative's body once
    3) I used to do ballet
    4) I bite my nails and my lips a lot nervous habit i guess
    5) i wear nail polish all the time so i won't bite my nails but sometimes it doesn't stop me lol
    6) I used to smoke cigarrettes often and weed often-ish
    7) I have dyed my hair red, blonde and now i dyed it black
    8) I love reading magazines and like fashion even though i think it is so narrow minded with regards to beauty, but i like that it transports me to another world'
    9) I draw but I do not show people often
    10) I am scared of turning into my mother

  • I, uh... I don't know if any of this will be that interesting, but here it goes anyway. :P

    1. I have a brother who's five years younger than me.
    2. I have a Master's degree (and lots of debt with it).
    3. I used to have my ears pierced, but not anymore due to the left earring being almost completely ripped out.
    4. I love Italian and Mexican foods.
    5. I'm 5'0.
    6. I am an animal lover.
    7. I have a huge fear of needles and public speaking.
    8. I want to visit Australia... and a lot of other places.
    9. I'm introverted.
    10. My family currently has one dog, five birds, three turtles, a beta fish, and a pond full of fish as pets. It's like a mini zoo!

  • 1. I'm the youngest in my class
    2. I've had an obsession with the movie Frozen
    3. I wanna live in England even though i've never even been there
    4. My fav food is lasanga
    5. i have no idea what to type
    6. still got no idea
    7. ...
    8. ...
    9. ..
    10. here's 'ten' facts

  • 1) I'm an obsessed fangirl (yes, it's actually an obsession).
    2) I cooked chicken with potatoes in the oven today for lunch, my grandpa said the chicken was undercooked so I put it back in the oven for (was supposed to be 30') 90' cause youtube happened and I almost burnt it.
    3) I love pizza.
    4) I graduated high school this June with a 94.5% grade.
    5) I have 2 cats and 3 kittens.
    6) I really wanna have a tattoo (and more after that).
    7) I don't own a smart phone.
    8) Music is my life and if someone would try to take it away from me, I'd fight him to death.
    9) I have 5 piercings and pink ombre hair.
    10) I don't like sharing my feelings and my food.

  • 1. I feel like I belong to many countries and to no country in the same time. I'm a foreigner in all the countries I belong to.
    2. I was Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, however I'm Tunisian and I live in France now.
    3. I have many weird dreams in which I feel like I'm communicating with dead people I knew.
    4. The son of the king used to be in my class in Middle school and he asked me for a dance in a party.
    5. I failed 2 times in a competition exam for 2nd year in Medical University. I lost 2 years and I lost my biggest dream. I feel like a failure even though only 10% make it.
    6. I love stars
    7. I'm very self conscious about how I look.
    8. I've never dated before
    9. I can't stand being in a homogeneous group. I like having friends from different backgrounds, my best-friend is Serbian.
    10. It's very hard to piss me of and I forgive very easily..


  • 1. I secretly kink shame myself even tho I act unashamed
    2. I have 4 half siblings 5 step siblings
    3. I never fought anyone before although I threatened to
    4. I secretly love some rap songs tho I hate rap
    5. I never judge someone unless it's required
    6. I am terrified of long car rides at night, especially passing by woods.
    7. I have had 3 different near death experiences.
    8. I have many intrusive thoughts about murdering people.
    9. I have never been on a date before.
    10. Everyone finds me real interesting but I have NO LIFE.

  • 1. im specilneeds
    2 . I like dogs
    3 . Dinner food I think is my favorite
    4 . I did home school since I never went to high school
    5 . I played soccer and softball in specil Olympic
    6 . I'm in to fashion art video games and and sports
    7 . i don't like bugs like wasps bees and roaches and spiders
    8 . I once used to date a 19 year old guy online on the PS3 once in the past

  • 1. I'm sleepy af always
    2. I have a permanent retainer behind my two front top teeth and behind my bottom front teeth
    3. I broke three bones in my foot at once
    4. My favorite color is red
    5. I almost learned how to play guitar once but my fingers are too small so I couldn't really do much with what my sisters ex was teaching me.
    6. My favorite season is Autumn
    7. I'm neither a democrat or a republican, I'll vote for whomever scares me the least during an election
    8. I only eat like 1.5 meals a day because I'm never hungry enough to eat more.
    9. I have to always keep my fingernails short because long fingernails on myself gross me out
    10. I wish I was born a redhead but can no longer dye my hair red because it's thinning a bit noticeably from all the dying 😭

    • No more hair dye!

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    • Lol don't be like my friend. She used to have beautiful hair down to her butt. She couldn't stop dying it and it started falling out and became so thin and brittle.

    • Hair dye has not touched the bottom of my hair at all since the beginning of August, and it hasn't touched my entire head since like... winter time. I'm fixing my ways!

  • 1. I don't like condiments besides hot sauce
    2. I'm an aunt to 5 kids.
    3. Used to be a tomboy , i still kind am
    4. I have a twin bro who is one of the most important dudes in my life
    5. i used to play hockey when i was a kid. Still got my equipment
    6. I just recently learned how to drive.
    7. I used to have a diary that i wrote in for years. I ripped them up after my sister snooped through it. I can remember almost everything I wrote in it
    8. I can't stand going to weddings
    9. I broke into my sister's house by going through a window because i misplaced her spare keys
    10. I'm very very indecisive 😞

  • I like to watch porn, I lied to my best friends I'm a virgin, I secretly have slept with 4 guys I'm berly 19, I have a nice ass and big thighs lol, I swallow , I go to church every Sunday , everyone thinks I'm a virgin have I mentioned that? ;)

  • - I have two sisters. 1 is 21 years old and lives in Amsterdam and the other 14 years old and has Down Syndrome
    - my parents and sisters all have dark hair. Either brown or dark blonde. Being light blonde is recessive in my family.
    - I'm afraid of the dark
    - I have 2 horses, 1 dog and a guinea pig
    - my parents are actually pretty rich because my dad is a lawyer and my mom a family doctor, although I'm totally poor.
    - I'm going to a private school right now
    - I have no gag reflex
    - going to the USA is not number 1 on my list of places to go, still I'm this site with an American majority

  • 1. I graduated from university at age 17; I'm currently working towards my second degree.
    2. I married a girl 7 years older than me.
    3. I have 2 adoptive sisters, 2 biological, and 5 step-sisters.
    4. I never put real photos of me on the Internet, but from doppelgängers (people who look exactly like me)
    5. I always dress in black, or in very, very dark grey.
    6. I like pizza, pies, cookies, and ice cream.
    7. I never use heels, purses. I only use make up when doing photo sessions with a former classmate who is a photographer.
    8. I like to make comparative tables of almost everything.
    9. I work as cop, most of the time in plain clothes. I used to be the sniper of the equivalent of a S. W. A. T. unit in one of my countries, before being transferred to another unit after punching a corrupted superior officer.
    10. I hate driving, although I know how to drive a variety of vehicles, including APCs, helicopters, planes, trucks...

    • IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE I FINISHED high school when I was 17and I was youngest in my batch

    • @Nik1hil how old do the people graduate high school then? (I graduated college at 17 so I don't doubt what she said)

    • @Nik1hil I graduated from medical school at 17, I spent most of my life being homeschooled; I think is the same with her.

  • 1. I've accidentally drank white wine
    2. I have crooked fingers
    3. If I had been born a boy, my name would be Jared
    4. I've never been outside of my province
    5. I get scared when people yell at me or at someone else
    6. I have many pairs of shoes that are too big for me because when they were bought for me, people assumed I would grow into them
    7. I like to sing songs in different languages
    8. I hate writing with mechanical pencils
    9. Out of all of my bi-racial cousins, I'm the whitest
    10. I bump into things and/or drop things at least once a day


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