Do you think the song 'Jeremy' by Pearl Jam is vastly under rated in the effect it had on Society?

In a very real sense it forced Society to face up to the irreconcilable tragedy that is Suicide. when before it was very much Taboo to mention :(


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  • Such a great song (such a great band, too!), it's obviously very popular on the radio (or at least it was, I don't listen to FM radio any more so I can't say whether it still gets a lot of airplay) but I wonder how many people know the actual story behind the song.

    The sad thing is, rather than going in to class and blowing their own brains out, it seems more common now that kids go in to school and take out a handful of classmates before ending their own life. Screwed up.

    • I think it made people face up to Suicide, whereas growing up ( yes I am old ) it was a huge issue but very much hush hush

    • I wasn't old enough when it came out to really be aware of that kind of stuff, so you'd know better than me how the stigma around the topic of suicide has changed over the years in relation to when the song came out. It certainly is a much more common topic these days... maybe it's just being older and more aware of it, maybe it's to do with the availability of information worldwide, and the song is probably a part of that puzzle.

      Good song though, gonna listen to some Pearl Jam now I think :-)

    • Great band, and one of the few who really look after their fans. With them never charging exorbitant prices for their shows.

      On the issue, when this song came out it shocked the world into having to face up to it whereas before it was treated with shameful denial.

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  • i used to listen to that song a lot when i was in high school and never really understood it. but its a great song!!!
    its probably misunderstood or blown off by a lot of people...

  • I mean I do love that song but... I'm not too sure that it affected society that much tbh.


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  • I don't know why I've never heard of him


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