Calling all songwriters!!! Anyone ever done this?

For those who've been reading my other questions concerning my ex, though that was over months ago, her memory continues to haunt me. Last night it became a bit too much so I grabbed my guitar, a pen and some paper and started writing something down. Just out of curiosity, has anyone else done this before, and what motivated you to start writing?


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  • Absolutely. Strong emotions bring out the best lyrics and often the most beautiful music. Not sure what happened with your ex but I'm sorry you were so hurt. But at least you can put pain to good use. Music is a form of expression. Some get physical and throw themselves into sports, some throw themselves into work, others bottle it up and let them destroy them, but I definitely agree with the artistic approach


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  • Yes, I am a songwriter and I have done that. I have written songs for women who were special to me and I wrote one song to celebrate a break up (entitled The Gettin' Down And Movin' On Boogie.) I wrote a song for my fiancĂ©e and sang it at our wedding. It didn't mean too much to her, apparently, because 4 years later she decided that she just didn't want to be married any more, and we are now divorced.


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  • It gets it out of your chest and it's expressed beautifully. A very good thing and yes, I've done it myself.


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