What happened to the walking dead game?

The one by telltale. I stopped following it midway through season two because the episodes seemed to just stop coming out, did they ever finish the season?


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  • yes it's finished... and currently for free on Playstation Plus :)

    • i know thats what reminded me of it, just wanted to know if they finally finished it tbh

    • I can only say that all planned episodes are abailable

      Episode 1 – A New Day (Available Now)
      Episode 2 – Starved for Help (Available Now)
      Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead (Available Now)
      Episode 4 – Around Every Corner (Available Now)
      Episode 5 – No Time Left (Available Now)

      Don't know how they are and if it has a good ending... I own both seasons but haven't played a single episode 😅

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • It's finished it's really good too


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