All the Time in the World - Original Song - What do you think?

I started this song idea 3 nights ago. It's a work in progress but here is a short preview. Any feedback on how it sounds to you would be greatly appreciated.
I'll never know what a song I've created sounds like for the first time because I'm familiar with it already. I welcome any feedback on how it sounds for the first time for you all.


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  • Really like that - Very atmospheric - I could have closed my eyes and sat back on the sofa with a glass of red wine listening to that - I wouldn't change it sounded great


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  • I think that you need to match the two instruments up more. Their highs and lows should match up, even if the notes are drastically different.

    Then again, I've only ever played the Cello, and I did it for two years and was horrible at it, so what do I know?

    • Can you be specific as to what sections? Does it sound like both parts are not in beat with each other?

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    • Are you speaking about octaves?

    • I don't think so...

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