Who is your man or woman crush from Game of Thrones?

Who is your man or woman crush from Game of Thrones?

For me it's this sweet man.


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  • Oh man... just got done catching up on this, I never watched until a few months ago. I still barely know anyone's names because they're mostly weird names, haha.

    The Official "Could Get It" GoT List:
    (no particular order)
    Daenerys' original Dothraki handmaiden, hot damn, haha
    Daenerys' current handmaiden chick, with the curly hair
    Rob Stark's wife, #1 Stunna😍😍😍
    Random Littlefinger hookers

    Ser Jorah Mormont, that dude kicks ass. Fuck you, Daario, step aside and let Jorah get on Khaleesi, you know he wants it more. Ruggedly handsome elder gent, haha.

    • Oh my God I agree with you Jorah is extremely handsome. What is taking Daenerys so long? 😢😢

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    • I'll jump into the TV and kill him myself!😡

    • Well let us see what happens. Can't wait till 2016!!!

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