Why are some rappers obsessed with famous drug dealers?

Some rappers ignorant as hell. Like for example Rich Homie Quan got a tatt of Pablo Escobar on his arm. He don't even know him. That's rather gay to me. Dudes naming themselves after Tony Montana. Dropping music in honor of El Chapo. Why? None of them dudes give a damn about these rappers. If anything they'd kill them off. The mafia didn't like blacks. They'd kill these goofy fucks. I don't understand it.


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  • Maybe to rappers drugs are suppose to be cool and trending. Just a thought!

    • What do you mean "just a thought"? I understand some rap music is about drug dealing, but idolizing grown men who probably have no idea what rap or hip hop is to me is rather ignorant.

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    • lol thanks i guess.

    • Welcome :)

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  • Things is you there's gangsta rap then there's rap music and gangster rap is mostly trap music to hid the fact that rappers are trapping-selling drugs so most of this rappers do trap music Your Migos and rich homie quan hence his boys with migos

    • Lol what? I know some rappers sell drugs, but that still doesn't change the fact that that's a grown man who probably doesn't even listen to rap music. Why idolize him? He doesn't give a damn about a rich homie quan. He just sounds like a groupie to me. Some rappers always on Colombian/Mexican or Italian nuts.

    • Why get a tattoo of a celebrity? Coz they your role model same with rich homie quan that's his role model he wants to be a badass just like Tony Montana

    • Smh.

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  • LMFAO @ the guy getting the tattoo of Pablo Escobar.

  • Maybe he really loves that tv show "Narco".

    • He does watch the show, but I still say he a fruit loop for putting another man's face on his arm. A man he doesn't even know.

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