Who was the best golden age hip hop group?

By golden age i mean groups around during the mid 80's to mid 90's.
  • Run D. M. C.
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  • Beastie Boys
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  • Public Enemy
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  • N. W. A.
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  • EPMD
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  • A Tribe Called Quest
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • KRS1? Love me the beastie boys though, the first album is brilliant... Brass Monkeys!

    • yeah the beasties were great. i love their 2nd album paul's boutique, i'm obsessed with it lol. i have 2 books and an audio commentary that the group made about it. krs-one is a solo rapper but he had a group called boogie down productions in the late 80's who were almost my favorite hip hop group ever, krs was incredible as a rapper. if i had enough options maybe i would have put them on here, but there was a couple of other groups i'd put before them still i think.

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    • They did :)

    • wtf? where did you go?

Most Helpful Guy

  • I voted tribe but could easily say the Beasties

    I think groups like Run DMC, NWA and EPMD were more influential in that they sort of changed the way people looked at rap, production, etc. Public Enemy was incredible influential in terms of showing that you could stand for something while being a popular rap act

    but in terms of pure music and rapping I'd pick Tribe or Beasties

    • who would you pick between tribe and de la soul?

    • i preferred tribe called quest. but both groups are awesome

    • i've been on a de la tear lately. love those guys. i got to see them live once but i don't remember any of it lol.

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