Who was the best golden age rapper?

By golden age i mean rappers who were around during the mid 80's to mid 90's.
  • Rakim
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  • KRS-One
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  • Slick Rick
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  • Big Daddy Kane
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  • LL Cool J
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  • Ice Cube
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  • Other
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yeah i know Notorious B. I. G. and 2Pac aren't listed. since every poll ever made has them listed i want to give light to others who didn't sell a bazillion records during that era.


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  • It really comes down to what you like. I love rap, this is what I grew up on, so this is such a hard question for me, as experienced as I am with it.

    Of those listed, I'd probably go with Rakim, because he was the bridge from old school rap to a newer brand and newer flow. He got deep in his lyrics, and got away from the choppy and somewhat awkward cadence of what HS preceded him, like Run DMC, for example. So he kind of changed the game, not that old school isn't dope in its own right, but it opened the door to the Golden Era.

    I love Cube, I was really into West Coast gangsta rap and G funk and all that, and if you put a gun to my head and made me pick an all-time favorite song, I'd probably say "It Was A Good Day." He's a personal favorite, but for whatever reason I don't always think of him in that top, TOP echelon if I'm being technical. I actually like him a lot as an actor, minus Are We There Yet, haha. Doughboy in Boyz N The Hood was a great character, and I think his role as Fudge in Higher Learning is as underrated a performance as I can think of.

    Kane, Cool J, and Slick Rick are all legends, but still, like Cube, I don't quite put them there. KRS, I actually opened for once at a local venue, I used to just fuck around a little and rap with some friends, we had a small following, it's was no big deal, but we got the call and WOW, what an experience. Nothing makes you feel more amateur than being followed by KRS-One, hahaha. But I liked all that BDP stuff, and he deserves to be in the conversation.

    Pac and Biggie as you said, it's been done to death. Both great. Nuf said.

    Staying on the theme of dead rappers, Big L never got off the ground, same with Big Pun, and this is just a quick honorable mention.

    Where's Nas at? He's a tough call because he kind of peaked early. But Illmatic is a cover to cover classic, and not in a commercially popular kind of way, but just a hurricane of perfection. Lyrics, beats, flows, hooks... good god. I liked 80% of It Was Written too, and I Am and Stillmatic were aiiiight, but when it was hot it was hot.

    I could go on all day, but I gotta go for now, so I'll leave it with no decisive answer, hahaha.

    • i only excluded nas because illmatic came at the end of the golden era, but i agree with what you said on his records. at least krs-one didn't throw you off the stage like pm dawn lol, he is an absolute legend tho, and i would pick him if i was answering this. him and rakim pretty much ended the old school with their earliest singles and laid the ground for nas and biggie to come along later.

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  • Nas. Nas is one of the best rappers in history, though he released his first album in 1994, so I don't know if you would count him in this poll, but Illmatic is still considered one of the best albums ever, so I think he should count.
    From those on the poll, Rakim is my favorite, but overall, I would have chosen 2Pac, but you excluded him.

    • i only excluded nas because he came at the end of the era, but i agree with you on him and illmatic. i excluded 2pac and biggie simply because everyone would have just picked them and i want to put a little light on other rappers from then who get overlooked somewhat.

    • Ok, makes sense. What about Jay-Z? He was pretty big too.

    • he was around in the underground in the early 90's doing the das efx fast style rap, and then he saw nas and biggie blow up telling stories with controlled flows. he then came up strong in the mid to late 90's using that formula. i'm not the hugest jay-z fan but his first album is pretty good and he has some good records after that.

  • voted rakim although Slick Rick was my favorite of those listed.

    Rakim is constantly cited by rappers as hugely influential (same with KRS-one). Even people like 2-Pac cited those two.

    • love slick rick and his storytelling, but rakim was great. i would have picked KRS-One if i was answering.

  • Wonder what Rakim is up to now. And Eric B. Still wrecking records. :)

    • rakim has made some mediocre solo records since splitting from eric b. it's too bad too, he's incredible when he's focused.

  • Either Rakim or Big Daddy Kane.

    Big Daddy Kane is so underrated!

    • when you have the right production behind kane it's just classic, his biggest flaw was putting his voice to inferior beats (like the 3rd album on).

  • Coolio and MC Hammer

  • where is tupac


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